Graphic Designer

A graphic designer is a professional who creates and assembles images, typography or motion graphics to create visual content. They use computer design software. Some of the tasks a graphic designer can do are:

These tasks are known to be outsourced and many companies move these tasks so that their onshore team can perform more income-generating goals.

Key skills and qualifications of a graphic designer

Graphic designers’ main skill is creativity but that’s not all! They should come up with attention-grabbing visuals and ensure that what they created is aligned with the target audience. A skill that they should have as well as handle criticism from project managers and management when creatives need to change due to preference or requirements.

Benefits of outsourcing graphic designing tasks to a virtual assistant

Organisations can enjoy these benefits when outsourcing duties to a virtual assistant, including:

With reduced workload, this help increases employee satisfaction within your organisation. You can now focus on what you need to do and look forward to a positive change in your working atmosphere.

Move accounting tasks to a virtual assistant for half the cost of local staff. Hiring a virtual assistant to assist your organisation will help you save costs by 70% on labour and training compared to hiring locally.

Hiring a virtual assistant can help you add more capability to your business. Invest time and cost savings in business expansion initiatives.

Free up your organisation from repetitive tasks allowing them to take on more work and focus on more income-generating tasks.

How does hiring a virtual assistant work?

Is your business ready to outsource? If the answer is yes, here are the steps:

For us, this will help us to look for the right candidate for your role. We also assist you in this process to ensure we find the best talent.

We look for the right candidates based on your required skill set and present to you the most suitable candidates.

Select the candidates you like to hire while we take care of their computer and help with the basic set-up

Your business and processes to your virtual assistant with our team leaders and managers. Once settled, they will start working for you and your team.

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