Administration support services are those parts of your business that don't deal directly with customers.

Employees in these positions are in charge of duties that enhance customer experience and give front office employees the support they require. To provide efficient operations and ready access to resources for the sales and client-facing teams, they handle the administrative duties.

Administration support services are those parts of your business that don't deal directly with customers.

Due to the recent labour scarcity, it is getting more and harder to find qualified back office support employees. To keep current employees and recruit new ones, businesses must match salaries and offer additional benefits.

By gaining access to a larger, global labour pool, back-office outsourcing is increasingly proving to be a reliable and cost-effective way for many firms to get the quality back office help they need.

Since many back-office functions can be conducted digitally, they are ideal candidates for offshore environments. Offshoring back office tasks to the Philippines is easy and uncomplicated as long as your organisation is offshore ready.

Roles for Administration Support


Data Management

Virtual Assistant

Benefits of administration support outsourcing

  • Save Money - Because the cost of living is lower in the Philippines than in most western nations, your company can outsource back office operations for up to 70% less than it would cost to hire specialists domestically.
  • Access to broad talent pool - Back office support experts are highly skilled in the Philippines. The business process outsourcing (BPO) sector is anticipated to see a 5% increase in manpower and a 5.5% increase in revenue.
  • Enhancement of output effectiveness and quality - By outsourcing back office work to a Philippine offshore team, your onshore team will have more time, money, and project scope to devote to higher-value work. Your company will observe a sharp rise in productivity among your back office staff.
  • Opportunities for business growth and scaling - When you delegate your time-consuming activities to an offshore back office support team in the Philippines, your local team will have more time to concentrate on boosting revenues and exploring new market niches. You may expand your business sustainably thanks to the extra capacity your onshore team receives from the help of your offshore workforce.
  • Learn how outsourcing administration support responsibilities might benefit your company.

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